Get the Funding You Need With Business Lines of Credit

Over time it has become harder for business owners to receive traditional business loans. In fact, for some new startup companies it can be virtually impossible to receive a traditional loan, and even some established companies may still have issues. However, unsecured business lines of credit can help to bridge that gap. These types of loans are determined by the credit standing of the business owner and require no collateral. Considering these factors, an unsecured business loan could be worth pursuing for both new and established businesses.

The Right Option for Your Business

At Lion Commercial Capital there are few credit line options for you to choose from. We begin the process by completing a quick pre-qualification to ensure that we will be able to provide a financial solution. Upon approval, business owners are offered available credit options to choose from. Some business lines of credit do not require collateral as long as the borrower’s credit history is sound. To determine the finance amount, a few factors are considered:

  • the borrower’s credit file
  • the projected profitability of the business
  • the size of the business

For those approved, we proudly offer low introductory costs, competitive payment rates and flexible repayment plans.

Lion Commercial Capital would love the opportunity to aid in your business’ success. Contact us today, and together we can figure out the best avenue for propelling your business forward.