We Support Small Business

At Lion Commercial Capital we strive to provide small business loans fast and efficiently to a variety of business owners. Considering our wide range of clients, we offer different loan options to meet their needs, including:

  • commercial and industrial real estate financing
  • existing business acquisition loans
  • equipment financing
  • and more…

Get The Capital You Need

Some businesses can qualify to receive loans for millions of dollars, depending upon their qualifications. Most for-profit businesses are eligible for some type of financial assistance. We work diligently with clients to ensure that they receive funds quickly, and provide them with full reign so that they may disburse the funds as needed, such as:

  • building or renovating a facility
  • buying manufacturing tools and equipment
  • purchasing a property
  • refinancing debt
  • franchising
  • hiring marketing and public relation specialists
  • laundering or dry cleaning uniforms

However you are looking to enhance your business, there are SBA loan options to assist you.


As small business loan financers we are held to specific standards and we strive to uphold them with pride. In fact, we often exceed client expectations. We offer both short term and long-term permanent financing options. You never have to worry about ballooning payments with our fully amortized rates, and there are no pre-payment penalties so you can pay off your loan early with no worries. Our payment rates are competitive and we offer flexible repayment terms. We understand the need for quick service, and we offer a fast pre-qualification process to speed along the application.

At Lion Commercial Capital we not only provide you with small business loan options to meet your capital needs, but we also provide fair payment terms to help you keep more of your profits. With the various loan choices available, you can easily find one that is right for your company. Get your business on the path to success by contacting us today.