Commercial Real Estate Financing Through Lion Commercial Capital

When your business needs to acquire property, build, or otherwise develop its real estate portfolio, Lion Commercial Capital has a variety of products designed to ensure you always have access to the full funding you need. Whether you’re buying facilities or developing new commercial properties for lease or sale, our options flex to fit almost any commercial project.

SBA Loans

Applicants whose companies fall within the guidelines of the SBA’s 7a or 504 programs can access loans with interest rates down to 4.5% and repayment terms of up to 25 years.

Conventional Commercial Real Estate Loans

Conventional loans are the most familiar, and have the most familiar features for many applicants. Currently, our conventional loan solutions include:

  • 10 to 30 year repayments terms
  • Interest rates as low as 3.75% for qualified applicants
  • No prepayment penalties

CMBS Loans

Commercial mortgage-backed security (CMBS) loans are a form of commercial real estate financing that looks very similar to conventional loans from a borrower’s perspective. The key difference is that the loan is bundled together with others and shares are sold to investors in a way similar to a mutual fund. The result is that many investors can help back a project, rather than depending on one institution to back the loan.

Bridge Loans

If you need short-term cash to renovate or rehabilitate a property before resale, then bridge loans provide a cost-effective way to manage those funds so you can easily get the renovations you need to be ready when you plan to get on the market.

Equity and Mezzanine Financing

When your project needs a little more financing than traditional loan instruments provide, both equity and mezzanine options give you the opportunity to gain the backing of high net worth sponsors who can make it a reality.

FHA and HUD Financing

Commercial real estate that fits the HUD program’s requirements for housing or healthcare establishments will find our associates ready to help them access the program.

International and Construction Financing

If your project needs to take on a truly international scope, either because you need access to the kinds of funds only global markets make available or because you are developing projects outside the country, our associates have access to the wealth funds and other high net worth sources you need.

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