Consumer Finance Programs to Provide Your Customers Credit

Being able to provide credit for your customers is a well-known way to boost your sales and your customer loyalty. It’s not hard to understand why. When people know they have the financial reach to take on a larger purchase and they understand the payment terms, it’s easier to decide to move ahead. Similarly, when thinking about your next big purchase, it’s also easier to go back to a place whose credit opportunities a consumer already knows.

More importantly, providing credit directly to your customers through a consumer finance program also helps those who need to build their initial credit histories, which allows them to access your goods while it opens up new markets to your company.

Program Parameters

  • The ability to finance customers at a 580 FICO score or higher.
  • Incentive programs like 6 months same as cash.
  • E-signature services, with instant credit processing and approval.
  • Tiered pricing and flexible interest rates.
  • We can collect on bad debt portfolios.

Works in Practically Any Industry

Consumer finance programs are best known for their ability to make purchases easier when dealing with higher-priced retail goods like musical instruments and furniture. What you might not realize is that they are flexible enough to work with any product or service under $10,000. Consumer credit programs are a success in healthcare settings, as payment plans for tuition and memberships, and for other services.

To find out more about providing credit for your customers, talk to a Lion Commercial Capital associate today.