Equipment Financing and Leasing for New and Established Businesses

Lion Commercial Capital offers a range of equipment financing and leasing options that are designed to meet the needs of companies anyplace in the market, whether they are just starting, experiencing a planned expansion, or restructuring for sustainability.

Funding Tiers

Our program is divided into three levels:

  • Under $150,000, available with just an application.
  • $150,000 to $500,000, available with full disclosures
  • Over $500,000, available with disclosures to qualified applicants

All of our financing options have multiple repayment structures for you to choose from, as well as terms up to 84 months.

Leaseback Program

We also offer companies the opportunity to sell us their used equipment for a lump sum while leasing it back for everyday use. This streamlines your debt portfolio, provides your business with working capital, and equipment leasing often carries tax advantages.

Startup Companies

New businesses typically have trouble obtaining credit during their first two years, especially business loans. That is because more banks and traditional lending institutions require two years of company history before they will consider extending credit. Lion Commercial Capital is dedicated to helping small businesses grow, which is why we cultivated a dedicated startup program. Now, your new business has a way to access the equipment it needs to get working.

B, C & D Credits

In today’s uncertain economic times, many established companies are finding that it is in their best interests to streamline their operations and restructure for sustainability and a better position in the emerging market. That’s why we offer our B, C, and D credit programs—to help you reorganize your operation quickly and get back to the business of making money in a lighter, more competitive way.

Regardless of the service, product, or industry, businesses need equipment to get work done. When it’s time for your company to add a few new pieces to its portfolio, talk to a Lion Commercial Capital associate about the options available for funding your equipment needs.